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How to Transfer iTunes Limewire Amazon to PSP Go?

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How to transfer iTunes Limewire Amazon Napster downloaded music video movie to PSP Go / PS3?


Firstly, let’s say congratulation to you who come here with a brand new PSP Go as the beginning of this tips-sharing tutorial regarding PSP Go, iTunes, Limewire, PSP Media Go, movie, video, and music transferring stuff. Since you know, the more compact and portable $249.99 Sony game gear with 3.8 inch screen, 16GB built-in flash memory, and Bluetooth 2.0 enabled is still a on-waiting- Christmas-gift for many PSP fans.




Now let’s go to the topic --- what you gonna do with loads of Limewire downloaded music, or an iTunes account with purchased video movie, and of course, a bulky 16 GB PSP Go Memory Stick Duo?

Here are the questions collected from PSP Go holders in the same situation:

  • How to transfer iTunes videos to a PSP Go 8GB Memory Stick?
  • Can you play iPod music with PSP Go?
  • How do I play movies I bought on iTunes on my PSP Go?
  • Is it possible to transfer Limewire or iTunes downloaded music to my PSP Go?
  • How do you put movies from iTunes on a PSP Go via the Media Go?
  • Can a PSP Go be hooked up to a computer and sync songs from my iTunes account?
  • ...

Acctually the solution gose easy as long as you follow the right process with right application.

Step 1: Check your PSP Go storage and format the Memory Stick

If this is the first time you've used the Memory Stick to store media file, you must format it to create the proper folder structure for use on the PSP Go. (You do not need to format the built-in flash memory in the PSP Go as the correct folders are already created.)

  1. 1. Go to “Settings” > “System Setting”, and press the X button.
  2. 2. Select “Format Memory Stick”, press the X button.
  3. 3. There popup the message “Do you want to format the Memory Stick?” Select “Yes”, press the X button.
  4. 4. Confirm the follow on message “All data on the Memory Stick will be deleted, are you sure you want to continue?”
  5. 5. Then the Memory Stick is formatted and replaced with the PSP system folder structure.

Step 2: Connect PSP Go to a computer

On the XMB™, go to “Settings” > “USB Connection”. This will place the PSP system into USB Mode. Then plug the multi-use connector into the bottom of the PSP Go and the Standard-A side of the USB cable into your computer as the picture shows bellow.




Then your PSP Go and the Memory Stick will show as an “Removable Disk Drive” or “Removable Storage”.


Step 3: Transfer media file from computer to PSP Go


Browse to the PSP Go Memory Stick or built-in flash memory on your computer. Locate the music, TV shows, or movie files downloaded from iTunes, Amazon Unbox, Limewire, Facebook, Napster, or Rhapsody, wherever you want to transfer to PSP Go. The rest is simple “drag and drop” work.


But there are two important issue to note:

1. Save the music, video, or movie files into the RIGHT folder inside the PSP folder on your Memory Stick or built-in flash memory.

Take video file transferring as an example, the PSP system can read videos up until second level subfolders, but will not read videos in third level or lower subfolders




2. Check if the files you want to transfer are in RIGHT formats compatible with PSP Go, and make sure they’re not DRM protected or copy protected.

PSP Go supports music in .mp3, .wma; video in .mp4, .avi, or h.264, iTunes DRM-protected .mp4 music .m4v video movie and other protected .wma music .wmv movie downloaded from Windows Media, Amazon Unbox, or Napster etc can’t be recognized by PSP Go.

But you can use a 3rd party DRM Removal Software to strip the copy protection and convert them into PSP compatible formats.



Step 4: Play DVD movie with PSP Go


DVD movie with copy protection can't directly play on PSP, but you can make a copy from them with a right DVD Ripper and then convert the copy file into PSP compatible formats, for Windows user, you can have a try with this all-in-one DVD Ripper + Video Converter can help to crack DVD CSS protection, split DVD movie into video clips, and convert them into PSP Go.



If you're a Mac user, this DVD Ripper + Media Converter for Mac from Aimersoft will be an ideal choice.


As to PS3 users, sure this guide shows some hints over the similar question. Enjoy yourself!


You might also like to check for even more "How-To" transfer the DRM protected music, video, movie to media devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Creative Zen, Archos, Sansa, Iriver, Samsung, Cowon, Sony Walkman, as well as mobile phones like HTC, Blackberry, Sony Erricsson, LG, Nokia, Motorola, etc.





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