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How to burn hardisk movie to DVDR with DVD-Cloner?

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Step 1: Run DVD-Cloner and select "Burn the movie on hard disk to a DVD+/-R" copy mode.




Step 2 : Select the source file.Three kinds of source files can be recognized:
.iso FILES
.nrg FILES

If you want to change the volume name of the original movie, please input the new name in the editbox. Then you can select a DVDR to burn the movie to.


Step 3 :Select a copy mode. Two different interfaces will appear according to the movie size.

(1).When the source movie is less than 4.7G




2.When the source movie is over 4.7G




*Movie complete copy: Copy a full D9 or D5 movie to a blank D5 ,DVDR,menus and special features included.
*Movie-only copy: Copy main movie on the original DVD disc to a blank D5 DVDR, menus and special features omitted.
*Movie Split to two D5 discs: Split one D9 movie disc to two blank D5 ,DVDR,menus and special features included.
*Movie Customized copy: Customized copy every title of a movie to a blank DVDR.
*Burn DVD to DvdR without modify : Directly burn the source movie to DVDR/RW without any modification.


Note: There is a new button  to select audio and subtitle you desire on the main operating interface. (This is only available when you select Movie complete copy or Movie-only copy). When you select movie complete copy (or movie-only copy) and the audio and subtitle selection button, click on the "Next" button, the audio and subtitle selection window will appear. Click here for details.

Note: When you select Customized copy, click on the "Next" button and the title and chapter selection windows will appear. Click here for details.


Step4: Affirm the copy configuation. In this window there will be the task information. Make sure all the information is correct and click on the "start" button to begin the burning.


Step5: Reading movie data.If you have selected "Burn DVD to DVDR without modification" in Step 4, this step will be overleaped.


Step6: Burning.


1 If you'd like your computer to shut down after the copying, close all other programs and select "shut down system when finished."

2 If you have a DVD reader and DVD burner, please insert the source DVD into the reader and select the movie you'd like to burn. Make sure the movie information appears in the infor bar. Then insert a blank DVDR into the burner and click on the Start button. DVD-Cloner will automatically read and burn, and won't prompt you to insert DVDR.

3.If some problems occured during the burning process, please check "verify data after burning finished". Then DVD-Cloner will verify the data to ensure the burning quality after the burning completes.


Step7: Complete





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