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Two iPods with one iTunes

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Aniosoft iTunes Backup can backup multiple iTunes libraries on any storage device including external hard drive and local drive. Then the backup iTunes library can be restored to any iTunes by synchronizing it with this program. The backup files can be transferred to any iTunes as well. Both recovered backups will be quite similar with the original one with no any change and risk, including the playlists, play count and ratings and so on.

  More and more people are fascinated by the charm of iPod. Almost everybody have one. Then,
new problem emerges up. A family usually has two or more iPods but only owns one computer.
Each time they plug their iPod to computer, iTunes automatically start to sync. With carelessness, their music collection will be covered or lose. Everybody hates losing his precious collection. Here is a solution. Creating different iTunes libraries is great for different users who share same computer but have different entertainment preferences.

  Well, assume that dad and son share one computer but have their own iPods.

Step 1: Son firstly uses the PC. After the operation of his music on the iTunes he can backup his own iTunes somewhere on the PC’s hard drive with Aniosoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer

Step 2: Dad come to the PC. He can clear the iTunes’ content and then import his own preferring content into it. After the operation he can backup his own library in any storage device with Aniosoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer

Step 3: The second time when the son wants to operate his own library, just need to operate Aniosoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer, select his own backup library and click restore then he’ll got his own iTunes with erasing the former data on the iTunes.

Step 4: when dad wants to enjoy his own music on this PC just need to select his own backup file and restore it to iTunes by synchronizing it with this program. Actually users can sync their own iTunes libraries on any computer anywhere once they had made backups in external hard drives and also take along this smart and convenient software –Aniosoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer with on it.






Aniosoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer               Free Download

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